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 The next bend will be nothing short of another irresistable good time!! 

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♬♬♬Futuristic Music Showcase♬♬♬ Brings some of the worlds most innovative talent in the modern music & art scene thus far together in Arizona!

After 6 years, our community has grown so much!Thanks for being a part of it.

        Audio Bend has been getting noticed by the many, check out this article in the Phoenix New Times that compared it to other outdoor music festivals such as HARD Summer Fest in L.A. , Global Dance Festival Colorado, even Electric Zoo Festival in N.Y. !! Also shown is a recent article in New Times. We've done it real big over the years with water slides, bouncy castles, multiple stages with music of all different styles, lasers on the side of mountains miles away, lots of live art and special visual and uv effects, thousands of happy faces, old and new, and a fresh new outdoor venue off the beaten path far away from the restrictions of the city!

So far we are featuring:

Bizzare Frequency

San Luis Potosi, Mexico
Tripura yantra records,Quantum digits Recs,Popol vhu recs


 Aegyptus created his first EP in 2016, titling the masterpiece Lotus which signifies his rebirth into life and his music career. Another has been released this year. We can't wait to have him out from CA for the bend!


 Planting the seeds of love in the hearts of mankind, az desert rat reggae styles will get you grooving again like the last Audio Bend.

Sunn Rays

  Sunn Rays is an Instrumental form of song writing with an Electronic/Hip Hop & Trip Hop aspect.  With heart felt, soul filled writing, and live/improv guitar performance.. Sunn Rays is blending multiple genres and ideas, to curate an experience that is truly unique. 


Jamming like some dudes over there ...woah that is some eccentric flare, come on people now try to love on another right now. Smile on your brother guys, come together. right now or then-at the bend.

Dj Ascension

 The Artist, DJ Ascension represents music from both a deeply instilled musical background and an unsurpassed talent in Live Performance. With instruments varying from Vinyl Turntables, Samplers, and CDJ's to the Guitar, Trumpet, French Horn and others, a unique and different experience is always enjoyed by those in his audience.  

Mario Soulece

Through the teaching of Zenergy ways to helping navigate to those basement beats, Mario is a staple in the Flagstaff famous music scene.

Atom Energy

Atom Energy is a long time member of the electronic music dance scene in Tucson AZ, originally from the small town of Tubac AZ .Atomc has shown us time and time again that he has the energy to light up even the bleakest dance floor!

Dj Phox

 Phox has been DJing since 1996. Played his first event in 2002. He can play a variety of different types of music. But as of late it's been all hard dance. 

Disco Zombie

This guy is a Techno snob at Unmarked events, known for that underground vibe and taking you on a musical ride.

Joseph Nast

 The Phx House Dj (Joseph Nast): was born from a boombox… As a kid in the 80′s breakdancing and Technics was something that you could not escape from, it was on the streets, in your homes and on the tv. Living in the 90′s was more of a life changing decade for him. Next found at break-ins and underground parties (raves you would know them as). This is where he found himself mesmerized.

Morgan Laine

Hear him here or hear him there, if not chances are he played there previously, oh yeah... he's done just about everything. Catch him live at the bend!

Dj Seeweed

 U.S. Army Combat Paratrooper and Military Police Veteran turned Producer, DJ. From the hell fueled powers of Brass and Camo, to the healing powers of Bass, a multi-genre artist has awoken! With his machine gun laid to rest [for now] Seeweed has dedicated his life to music and scholastics!  


 Rampage: A period of violent and uncontrollable behavior, typically involving a large group of people.


Brace yourself, for you have just been dazzled by some fairydust or so it seems, this magical moment was delivered via music.

Dj Grund

 A veteran of the hip hop scene. Grund has been annihilating the dance floor for the past 9 years. With the past 3 years going on 4 in the electronic scene Grund's high energy hard hitting electro, tech house/techno will get any dance floor moving. 

Dj Mango

That smells great, must be Mango . He always has the fresh flavors for our minds and ears, check it from the bent perspective!

Inkstained Pagez

Lyrically inclined since the age of twelve, InkStained has made a name for himself in the Arizona Hip Hop community leaving an impression on his audience and listeners, prompting them to expand their thinking. 


Come for the Phunk stay for the Nasty, can be rough but is nice and classy.  Mr Rogers has been playing great music for his neighbors and wouldn't you like to here it too?

Nate Distortion

 Hardcore, Industrial Hardcore, Terrorcore, Frenchcore, Rawstyle & Uptempo.
160-300 BPMs, Yo Harsh shit mosh pit SHakken shit.
If you need it he's got it.

Dj Dublin

 He grew up loving all forms of music, and began playing guitar in elementary school. He has always loved fast beats. The faster the better. After being in love with punk rock for most of his life, he discovered the electronic scene, and the music took him. Now, if you allow him, he will take you on an emotional journey of discovery, using music as his compass. 

Bud Dunlap(Karmakazi)

Break ya neck before he does yo. On the scene with a vengeance, he will have his. You will not forget his name for eternity. We promise.


Hi-I'm Butterz the clown,  come on around this town and dance around , jump out your seat , jump up, jump up and get down, everybody jump!Hmu if you dig the tunes.

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Dirty Mind Tricks

He puts drum with bass in the valley of the sun, come on out and have some fun- and if you ain't rocking out, you are at the wrong one.

Ivan Purple

Ivan Purple began to mix in 2015.. now he is working with the Techno Snobs trying to improve 2018 as much as possible.  Welcome him to the bend everyone!


Note: You may want to stop the music on the soundcloud player below before starting the videos.

We are big fans of this artist and would love to one day present them at a show.

Audio Bend 2014

Audio Bend 2017

Testimonials for your host, Atomic Logic Audio

Logan B February 25th - 2017

Holy F*** that was outstanding

Chairish G July 9 · 2017

 Hands down, best event I've ever been to ❤ :D

Tasha D July 10th - 2017

Had an amazing night! thank you Zac Wurtenberg for putting on such an amazing event

Aubrey L July 10th - 2017

This night was one of the most beautiful nights I have experienced.

Justin S February 25th - 2018

Hope to see another event like this

Dylan E February 25th - 2018

🔥 im glad i made it 🔥

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